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Young woman teaching a child how to swing a kettlebell

Find Your Strength

Cultivate Strength is about movement and recovery methods for everyone; regardless of ability, age, access to equipment, or time constraints. Our goals for all of our clients and patients is to empower and educate them so that they feel confident and independent in their chosen movement practice.


Physical Therapy Session

Physical Therapy

Doctors of physical therapy are experts in the human movement system. They specialize in everything from sports injuries, to chronic pain, to improving biomechanics, to treating neurological conditions. Movement is medicine!

Gym Equipments

Personal Training

Whether you're cross-training for your sport, looking to get healthier, or wanting to make some aesthetic changes; our certified trainers are here to help you reach your goals and develop lifelong healthy habits. 

Stones Massage


Massage therapy is all about you. Your body works so hard and it feels like there is less time than ever to allow for rest and recovery. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage as an adjunct to your chronic pain management, as a sports recovery method, or simply because you deserve it.

Sunset Yoga


Feeling stressed? It's time to get back in touch with your body. We offer both small group classes and private yoga instruction for people of all skill levels and body types.

Dance Class

Small Group Classes

Grab a friend and come in for everything from strength training to flexibility and mobility to yoga. Each class is capped at 8 participants so that our instructors can give you the attention you deserve.


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